Jeremy Soon
Sunday, August 15, 2010 @ HAPPY BIRTHDAY
dear bro haha its ur 22nd birthday ye

its also the 1st birthday tat ur celebrating in aussie

hope ur doing fine so far and ur doing well

and i kno i owe u a birthday prsent so do claim one from me when ur back aite

hope u have a blast today and i'll be looking forward to the day u'll be back frm the land down udner aite

all the best and God bless dear bro

have a blast .and dun be lame PLEASE



Saturday, July 24, 2010 @ As i flick the old pages.
I juz smile and smile..

i cant stop staring at those words..

those posts.

its hitting me hard...

@ Why do i Do what i Do
Do i have an obligation to keep it in.

Will it make it less confusing if i did..

There are times where you wonder about so much..

and when those things are left unanswered..u juz decide not to care.

But I do know..i still care...infact its hard not to. whether it brings unsatisfaction to myself or unhappiness.. i still care

I juz wish there was some other way better to take care of this.

Cause everyday now...I still dream about those times.

Saturday, July 17, 2010 @ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Happy Birthday Kelsey Shauna Loke Siew Ling

i Do hope u have ablast tis yaer

i dun have any pictures of u in my com so do forgive me :D

i thank you for being a great fren...for helping me out in my times of needs

ur the best girl bestie a guy can get..

so I thank thee :)

Do have a blast on ur birthday kay..nothing too crazy yea

Come back soon and we'll celebrate and dun worry i owe u a prezzie ..


aite Have a good one bestie!!

i wanna upload a picture but i forgot how ~.~

Ciaoz Yo!

Friday, July 9, 2010 @ Soon Wen Jin
All my best wishes to u dear bro hope u have a safe flight and do enjoy urself in australia kay another new chapter of ur life so take care and all the best yea.

DUn be lame in australia :D

Ciaoz bro!!

we'll all miss you

Thursday, July 1, 2010 @ For Once I wish I was wrong

Sunday, June 27, 2010 @ Hey amanda......

i kno i dun usually wish u on my blog and not that u wud kno i wished u on my blog unless soemone told ya

but nyways happy birthday from ur bro yea..

im not there to wish u directly this year so hope this one makes up for it yea little sis


take care and hope u have a blast this year ill be back next week to celebrate it wif u aite..

ERRRRRMMMMMMM now ur finally 15

so well....theres not much at 15 onli PMR and stuff

but another year older ..big step eh
hope u continue growing ..ehem u kno in erm aititude, maturity and whatnot..have a blessed one and continue being amanda soon hui en who loves elephant balls kay..
so hope u enjoy ur birthday this year and i dint forget ur birthday ive juz been really busy well I partially forgot ;) ...but i'll make it up to u when i get back kay ...cya then .




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